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About Bob Carter

Bob Carter is a native of Decatur, Illinois and a graduate of Decatur University; he majored in radio communications. After receiving a master's degree from Syracuse University, Carter worked as a disc jockey at a Fort Wayne, Indiana radio station owned by Sarkes Tarzian. In 1961 he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana and filled a number of positions at Tarzian's WTTV as producer, director and performer, including the hosting, for a time, of a three-hour morning talk show called Coffee with Carter.


Cast & Crew of Nightmare Theater
WTTV Studio Late 60's or Early 70's

The still relatively new medium of television
provided a means for classic films to generate revenue, and as part of that, Universal Studios packaged a set of more than fifty films as part
of a "shock theater" package that was shown
by many television stations across the country,
usually as late-night fare.

When WTTV purchased the set of films, which
had been rejected by local CBS affiliate WISH-TV, Carter was chosen as the host of the new program.
Carter's Shock Theater originally included only
still photographs punctuated by voice-over
narration during the commercial breaks.

As time went on, his set became much more elaborate with canvas portraits, coffin and castle dungeon interiors. His popularity surpassed his last episode in 1989 and remains one of Indiana's most beloved television icons.

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